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Where passionate people use engaging information taught in

an outdoor setting to instill the wonders of the world around

us in a practical and exciting way.


Come experience the wonders of nature on our 1,200 acre property!


Our program offers a unique combination of curriculum, group-building, and hands-on service to cultivate an environment where learning is engaging, fun, and a real-life experience. 


We offer both Day Trip and Three-Day Trip experiences for all of our curriculum, to accommodate your needs and availability.


Schedules are open to personalization.


A variety of programs provides the opportunity to focus on curricula pertinent to students' current academic lessons. Each program  maximizes the use of our property within the lesson plans, and covers selected topics in engaging and fun ways.


Programs include:

  • Terrific Trees

  • Animal Adaptations

  • Sustainability

  • Habitats

  • Lake & Stream Study

  • Rockin' Rocks

  • Reptiles & Amphibians

  • Predators/Prey

  • Night Hike


We are always looking for new ways to engage participants, so check our website frequently for new options.


Day trips through the Koinonia Environmental Ed Program are designed to be taught over a typical school day. The program incorporates an hour and a half of curriculum, a group-building activity, and a project or field study to offer a well-rounded event that leaves students with a sense of having not only learned something important, but also of making a difference. Based on the education level of the students and the program chosen, the day will consist of not only time spent walking across the property to witness firsthand the impact of the natural world and how it relates to us, but also time on the camp's low ropes course and a lunch at our Conference Center.


The Koinonia Environmental Ed Program also offers an intensive, three-day trip designed to fully immerse students in the beauty and complexity of our world. These trips include four curriculum sessions held at various locations on our property, sessions on group-building at our low ropes course, a project or field study, and evening campfires. These longer visits seek to instill in students the wonder of nature through firsthand experiences which exemplify the timeliness and truth of the programs being taught. Students will go home with a renewed passion for the practical knowledge they have acquired, and with the experience of having witnessed the impact of the lessons as they unfold in the world today.


To see more about our program and trip options, download the K.E.E.P. Brochure here!


Click below to view our sample Schedule.



Day Trip


Three-Day Trip

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