The 123-year-old bronze 69th Street Pier Bell gets a new home!

The bell that has, for many years, lived next to the stage in the Jubilee Meadow has been newly erected on a double-arch Bell Tower at the Chapel in the Pines.  Last year the bell was removed from it’s former home and recently, Tom Vorstadt and John Bliefernich built the archway to house the bell.

The bell states the following:




From notes left by Steve Lee and Bob Nervig we know that this bell came to Koinonia as a gift from Arnie Vilonen.  The bell was on a 20-foot marine derrick serving as a buoy at the 69th Street Pier in Brooklyn’s New York City harbor. It is a Bay Ridge Beauty! 

Quoting Steve’s notes: “The bell saw the Statue of Liberty, every immigrant heard that bell.”

As the site of the Staten Island Ferry terminal, the Verrazano Bridge replaced the use of the ferry and the bell was no longer needed. 

Researching the bell we believe that this is a Unites States Light House Service Bell made by the Williams Foundry in Jersey City who produced fog bells for Light Houses, Light Ships, and Channel Buoys.

A bell-ringing celebration will be held Sunday September 23rd in the Chapel in the Pines at 10 am.  We are going to give the 123 year-old clapper a good work-out!  Bring a bell from home to ring in the new project. BYOB!

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