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Welcome to Koinonia|NEXT and its new logo! It's hard to believe that Koinonia's 50th Anniversary was almost ten years ago. We're going to be preparing for the celebration, so keep watching this space for lots of memories and reminders of Koinonia's history. 

But the celebration isn't only about the past 60 years. Koinonia|NEXT is about the next 60 years! We're looking forward to the future, to prepare Koinonia to be as important in the years to come as it has been to the thousands of children, families, congregations and visitors whose lives have been touched by God, and who have brought a new experience of the Spirit home with them, to share in their communities.


We have a special presentation with more information on our new Koinonia|NEXT page. Visit Koinonia|NEXT - watch the video and read all about it in the Prospectus and the NEXT I Newsletter. Learn how you can contribute to the Koinonia|NEXT Campaign and be a part of the future!

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