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Ways To Give

There are so many ways to give to Koinonia. Whether it is through time, talents, or monetary gifts, no gift is too small. 
Koinonia General Fund

Koinonia is able to provide financial assistance to children and families who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to participate. Annual Fund gifts also keep costs down for all participants and allow for the continued upkeep and improvement of Koinonia’s facilities and programs. We thank all who have remembered Koinonia with their gifts over the years! The Annual Fund is what keeps Koinoina going!  Registrations do not pay the entire cost of operating this year-round, 1200 acre campus. This community gives special thanks for those individuals who become members of Koinonia’s Common Ground Family by giving annual gifts of $250 or more. 

2023 In Honor of and 
In Memory of  Donations

Common Ground Family

An annual sustaining membership organization, “The Common Ground Family,” was established by the Board of Directors of Koinonia in 1990. Membership is open to individuals, familes and business/corporate donors.  A minimum annual gift of $250 to Koinonia is a basic requirement of membership.  Members are also asked to be Koinonia advocates and supporters within their churches and communities as they are able.


Koinonia hosts a “Common Ground Family” recognition dinner every year. Details will be posted on the website and mailed to let members know the date and time.

Koinonia Summer Sustainers

Become a sustainer!  Small monthly donations ($10, $20, or more) add up and can help the camp throughout the whole year.  Just click on one of the links below and select "monthly donation", and you are all set!  Every year you will receive a special gift for giving a KISS to Koinonia!

Donate Now with PayPal

Visit our Vanco page for simple credit card donations with lots of options!

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