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April 14th - 16th, 2023

Join Dr. Randi Keller Sagona in "Creating Connections" with the goal of feeling a closer connection to yourself, to others, to Koinonia, and to God.

Randi has been a part of Koinonia as long as she can remember, going all the way back to the 60’s and the old farmhouse. Her best memories are of family camp, church and youth group retreats, and being a summer camper. Randi is a semi-retired educator, having spent 18 years teaching students with disabilities and 16 years in school administration.


She holds a doctorate degree in leadership with a specialty in teaching adult learners - which is why she is SO excited to lead this retreat!

Come to Koinonia to spend a weekend away and in fellowship with other women. There will be food, crafts, conversation, massage, bonfire, hiking and more. Open to all women age 18 and older.

Share time together with old and new friends in God’s creation.


Conference Center Rates:

  • Single - $265

  • Double - $165/person

  • Additional - $115/person

  • Day Rate: $35 per person (includes lunch & dinner)

Email for rates and reservations or call (845) 456-0214

"Creating Connections"

Spring Women's Retreat

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