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Who We Are

Our Community

Located in the Catskill mountains of New York, Koinonia is situated on 1,200 acres of forest, with numerous facilities that offer opportunities for you, our guests, to be surrounded by God’s creation. Koinonia (Koi-no-NEE-ah) is a New Testament Greek word meaning community. At Koinonia you can experience genuine community grounded in the Gospel of Jesus.

Koinonia is where God transforms and prepares people in an outdoor environment to love and serve one another.

Our Vision

Centered in and empowered by the Gospel of Jesus, Koinonia will be instrumental in strengthening congregations in the metro NY Region. In partnership with a vibrant, involved constituency, Koinonia will provide opportunities, programs, and facilities with a creative and dedicated staff. Koinonia will be well positioned for continual growth as it serves congregations and individuals.


We are owned by the Martin Luther Camp Corporation and are incorporated as a not-for-profit organization through the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). The corporation is made up of more than 50 member congregations. These congregations act in partnership with Koinonia. They provide delegates for our Board of Directors and Annual Meeting, provide financial support and host Koinonia staff in their congregations. If your congregation is interested in becoming a member, please contact the office.

All Are Welcome

Grounded in our Christian beliefs and in honor to our mission, we welcome all people from all faith backgrounds.

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