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Koinonia Good News Letter – Announcement!

April 30, 2021

From the Transition Board President, Rev. Robert Wollenburg

Dear Friends of Koinonia,


The Board of Directors is extremely pleased to announce the election of Dr. Kathleen K. Ruen as the next Koinonia executive director.


The Transitional Board selected Kathleen in the fall of 2020 to act as the part time interim executive director beginning December 1. The current Board, elected at the Corporations annual meeting February 28, 2021, acted to make Kathleen a full time salaried employee with retirement, paid time off and other benefits on April 15th, 2021.

The process of hiring Kathleen involved several steps. Four members of the Board, one with professional human resource skills and experience, engaged with Kathleen in a performance review of her time as interim executive director, discussed her goals for 2021, agreed to a job description, reviewed the comparative wages and benefits of other Lutheran Outdoor Ministries (LOM) and coordinated with the Board Finance Committee to make an offer. After healthy conversations, Kathleen readily and enthusiastically accepted. Details of her employment are contained in a formal “Letter of Agreement.”


As executive director Kathleen is responsible for the oversight and success of all aspects of Koinonia’s mission. Koinonia is not “simply” a Lutheran outdoor ministry, it is also a campground, motel, restaurant, and worship center, and a place for retreats with programs for children, youth and adults. There are nine buildings to manage, miles of unpaved roads and culverts to maintain, six water systems, and lakes, trails and camping sites that require frequent attention. 


The Executive Director will have a working knowledge of strategic planning, contracting, safety of guests, emergency response, office and mechanical systems, hiring and supervision of staff, governmental regulations and reporting, and financial management.


Our Executive Director is responsible for all of the above and more, but is not expected to tend to all the details alone. Koinonia has and does depend on loyal local and distant volunteers, an active and involved Board of Directors and, when possible, on the pro bono or fee-based services of professionals.


Please welcome Dr. Ruen (aka “Kathleen“) as you are able. Keep her and her family in your prayers. You may also support her and Koinonia by planning a stay at Koinonia, whether it be for a day or several days. Kathleen in turn welcomes your comments, thoughts and reviews. You may contact her at kkruen@koinoniany.org.




Rev. Robert Wollenburg, Board President

Winding Road


Koinonia's facilities can accommodate any number of guests, from a congregational retreat to small families or individuals. 

Download the 2021 Accommodation Rates HERE

Register Online and email or call to confirm availability 

Email register@koinoniany.org or call (845) 456-0214 to plan your visit today!

Kairos Conference Center

The Conference Center is a single - level facility that contains 20 guest rooms, each with private bath. It also has the Great Room, the Agape Room, the St. Francis of Assisi Garden, a library, a children's playroom and additional small group areas.

Retreat Buildings and Camping

In addition to the Kairos Conference Center, these smaller accommodations are available:

  • Family Centers 1 & 2

  • Lakeside Cabin

  • Asdal House

  • Camping in Family Camp

Local Attractions and Dining

Koinonia is a short drive from various museums and attractions, and local restaurants are available for off-site dining. The nearby small town of Eldred also provides shopping for groceries, ice cream, pharmacy, and other necessities.